Production of our A3 prints conforms to the highest digital print materials and come laminated with a lustre finish. Set in a 50cm x 60cm bevelled Card Mount and ready to frame. All our prints are Limited Edition retaining exclusivity with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Causeway starsa3web

"Giants Causeway" A3 Fine Art Print.

 I waited for a dramatic sunset but there was little cloud cover but was more intrigued as darkness fell. The in tire night sky was alive with stars, it was one of the great experiences in the outdoors and was thrilled that the camera over along exposure confirmed the wonder that is the giants causeway. The fading dusk added to the amazing colour and spectacle.

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

"Beyond" A3 Fine Art Print.

My tour of the beautiful Antrim coast lead me to some wonderful locations and Ballintoy harbour is an amazing place carved into the limestone rock. Beyond the harbour is this astonishing shoreline. These prehistoric like stack formations give a glimpse of a distant land. The sun seemed to set quickly to the moody blue tones of the night by using a long time exposure of 10 secs. The impression captured a misty water and the few clouds gave an opportunity to throw up the last rays of the day.

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

"Vanilla Sky" A3 Fine Art Print.

On an early saturday morning in late Oct I set off up the road toward" Island hill" in Newtownards as it is known locally. The tide as expected was drawn out by its busy schedule leaveing the newly transformed sand waves reminisant of its last tide. This created me with perfect forground to compliment a rising sun radiated with warm vanilla tones reflected around this chanel of water. The breaking rays of Sunlight through the morning cloud brought around the capture.

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

"Still" A3 Fine Art Print.

This image was taken on the shores of Cloughy beach on a colder July night in the summer, friends enjoy this view by the beach usually with the companionship of a fire pit. We commented again how the fading blue light was reflected in the still waters like a water colour. I often wonder who owns this boat and is quite a mystery to some of the people who spend a lot of time there. I composed the shot as the impression of the sky and water merged with only the softness of only a few ripples to distinguish a faint horizon.

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

"Traditional sunset" A3 Fine Art Print.

I enjoyed the banter at Portaferry Sailing club as I waited for the sun to set as the "Gala" week bringing many a traditional sailing boats racing proudly to these Ards peninsula shores. Stories told of adventure you could only expect from some of the characters that voyage in these boats all around the world. A beautiful mid august day had to mean an eloquent sunset and it did not disappoint .As the sun headed toward new lands the sky immersed with the fiery tones reflecting the "old gaffers" traditional outline in the calm Irish sea against yet another harbour sunset.

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

"Day Break" A3 Fine Art Print.

On an early 6.00 am August Morning I headed toward Donaghadee the landscape emitting with a very faint dawn. I walked the lenght of the peer climbing to position my self on the very edge of the peers sheltered limestone wall. I awaited for the day to break and transform the cool morning. The waves crashed loudly cautioning me with a reminder of my precarious footing and an indication the wind was picking up. The sun finally appeared with a welcoming warm glow and a pink aurora that would signify the awakening of a new day in donaghadee and the arrival of the fishermen.

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

"After Dusk" A3 Fine Art Print.

I enjoyed many shots as this mid August day came to a close, fiery sunsets, dusky tones of purple and reds, trading now in the faiding light to a shine of the brightening moon in kircubbin's quaint harbour. The sole Boat caught my attention along with the darkening stone harbour against a backdrop of the highest peaks in Irelands north the "Mourne Mountains". A light shimmer from a cooling breeze added a dimension to the lightly toned blues of the moonshine.

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

"Shadows of the Forest" A3 Fine Art Print.

On a late Autumn day in Oct I was visiting Helen's tower.The low light of Autumn produced these long shadows from the trees of Clandyboye Forrest with the sun illuminating the contrast between the golden leaved floor and the green leaves that would shortly follow. I captured this shot from a low level where a lightly trodden path bends on the incline to meet the tower behind me.

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

"Dunluce" A3 Fine Art Print.

This Commanding Castle has always been a great spectacle of the Antrim Coast. The blues in this instant come from a window of light I have found just before dark on a cold cloudy day and a few secs of exposure. The closing light in October gave me the oppurtunity, reflecting the soft cyan translucent light through these stormy clouds
and influence the grassy hills.

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

"Murlough Bay tree" A3 Fine Art Print.

Another shot taken from my Antrim coast trip taken on Murlough bay placed in the north-eastern corner of Northern Ireland . This windswept tree overhangs one of its cliff faces pointing out to the Irish sea so I used a long exposure silhouetting the tree against the moving cloud and was pleased with the result once toned...

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

"Fermanagh Dew" A3 Fine Art Print.

Fermanagh with early starts but with mornings like this Lower Lough Erne was pretty special with fresh due, mist and awesome sun rises . I had just finished a dawn shot on the south west of the lough and moved further north to catch this one.The rising sun illuminating the dew droplets blanketed the ground gave this a great feel.

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

"Scrabo Hill" A3 Fine Art Print.

Taken from Scrabo Hill toward Strangford Lough and the Portaferry Road. Lots of early morn mist and a burst of sunshine brought about this capture. My great great grand father was astone mason in the build of scrabo Tower in 1857. I imagine that a scene like ths was a regular sight and so is in memory of Joe Carnduff.

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

"White park bay incoming" A3 Fine Art Print.

I took this shot against the incoming waves on White park Bay just as the sun rose up from the sea stacks at Ballintoy. Beautiful morning made all the more special with the ornage tones that reflected on the sand and influencing the feel of this shot.

A3 Fine Art print set in a bevelled card Mount. £40.00

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